Sushi: Sourcing the Ingredients

I’ve been asked if I learned about sushi while living in Japan (in a word—no) and I’ve been asked if I have too much free time (clearly I don’t, or I would make sushi more often). But most of the questions I get are about the ingredients I recommend for making authentic-tasting sushi at home. Where to shop? What to choose? How to store? How to use?

Indeed, “how to use” probably warrants a book’s worth of answers, but the what and the where are straightforward enough to fit into the visual guide below. Be warned that my options are based on what’s available in Warszawa—and my preference is for top-quality 100% natural raw ingredients that contain raw ingredients and nothing more. Sometimes this means I seek out specialty shops or place special orders, often spending more to get... my kind of less. If, like me, you like your food pure and slow—you may find that using some or all of the following ingredients is the secret to making amazing sushi at home.

The slide show below pairs a selection of ingredients—some specific, some general—with hover-text commentary based on my sushi-making experience. Have fun and... itadakimasu.

All writing and images by Natalia Osiatynska. Photos taken in daylight with the Leica X1.

Note that the author’s recommendations are independent and personal, with no formal endorsement or sponsorship by the producers and vendors mentioned in the text.