A Brand for Every Weather

There’s a UK-based company I’ve been working with for a couple of years called Toolbox Group. Led by the charismatic Michelle Buxton, they specialize in retail destination marketing for shopping centers throughout Europe. I found them when they found me thanks to LinkedIn—and we’ve been turning out work we’re proud to show ever since.

As resident brand language expert and in my capacity as creative head of the Polish office, I created the new brand claim for Centrum Handlowe Jantar—one of the largest malls in coastal Poland and the only such retail environment in the Słupsk area. Usually a campaign tagline or logo claim is constructed to convey something unique to the brand and relevant to a specific target group. Here, however, the task was retail marketing at its broadest, consisting of advertising the shopping center idea itself. How do you sell the place that has everything, for everyone, for any occasion? Armed with a well-articulated brief, the Toolbox team explored numerous directions, until we knew we had it the moment we had it.


Jantar truly is the place for any weather. Whatever your attitude, whatever your circumstances, and whatever the weather outside. Are you in the mood for excitement or for checking things off your to-do list? Want to be alone? Or would you like to share some quality time with your loved ones? In a hurry? Or maybe you have all day? Are you a busy weekday shopper? A Saturday commuter? A tourist on vacation in crowded seaside Ustka? Maybe it’s raining: we’ve got shelter, dinner, and a movie. Is the heat wave a drag? Come to Jantar for some refreshing AC. And whether you’re interested in browsing the season’s new collections or cleaning out the sale racks—the fashion at Jantar is also for every weather. Literally.

Unlike brand names, brand claims can change whenever it suits the communication. Time will tell if ours stays, goes, or evolves. For now, six months into the new campaign, we continue to see the merit in the message—and the client continues to see the merit in our work.

2015 campaign for Centrum Handlowe Jantar by Toolbox Group. Strategy by Marcin Berendt. Design by Kerry Mallett and Liana Young. Content writing by Klaudia Celej. Creative direction by Natalia Osiatynska. Materials posted with permission from Toolbox Group and CH Jantar.