Madness, Indeed

Going through my possessions in an effort to further streamline the scope of my small family’s belongings (both functional and aesthetic), I happened upon what I think is the most random collection of things I could possibly find. I am astonished as to how I might have thought that a complete set of McFarlane’s “Six Faces of Madness” collectible figures would ever be something I might need. Nevertheless, I am the puzzled owner of a mint-condition series of six eight-inch-tall toy monsters inspired by classic literature, all in their original, never-opened packaging. If I remember correctly, I got the whole set for twenty bucks each, so for $120, at a store just off Union Square. It was my life’s ultimate impulse buy, and it took place on the eve of the day I left the U.S. for good, which means I bought these things on July 2, 2004. I recall the figures just barely fitting into my luggage (two giant DDB-branded portfolio carriers I lifted from my corporate alma mater).

So now I have this interesting problem, which is how to unload this odd collection and at least get my money back—or ourtight make a profit, given how this kind of limited-edition drivel sometimes appreciates. The challenges: I’m not on eBay, I’m not interested in getting on eBay, ditto for the Polish counterpart Allegro, I don’t know the gaming scene, and I’m in no position to make a quick deal with a reseller of memorabilia at a shop near Union Square.

Any takers out there? Best offer wins.

Product photography by the author, accomplished in daylight with the infallible Leica X1 in mid-February 2016.