Let me tell you about multitasking at its very best.

Most of my pursuits are interdisciplinary, but none more so than creating original food-centric content. Here, I get to be writer, namer, editor, chef, prep cook, home economist, stylist, and photographer—often within the same hour. If there is one thing that pushes me most to be a versatile thinker, designer, and maker—this is it.

For samples of my work, scroll down to browse my relevant blog posts. Or pick up an issue of Ferment, if reading in Polish is your thing.

If you see a role for me in a food-forward project, contact me to start the conversation.

How do I approach the culinary arts?

Natural ingredients. 
Clean flavors.
Deliberate techniques.
Not messing with a good thing.

How do I approach writing about food?

Attention to detail.
Concepts over recipes.
Clear instructions.
Investigative thinking.

How do I approach food photography?

Authentic, edible subjects.
Crisp composition.
Focus on purity.
An element of surprise.