Include what is necessary—but don’t exceed what’s sufficient.

As a writer, Osiatynska is versatile, unambiguous and elegant. Versed in rhythm, rhyme, rhetoric and semantics, she produces original, adapted and translated works in multiple genres in both Polish and English. Her métier is the logic and accuracy with which she transmits information—balancing a smooth, graceful style with deliberate, highly controlled content. Osiatynska’s specialties include writing persuasive mission statements, creating irresistible product descriptions and translating “legalese” into plain language strategically to deliver officially binding texts in an easy-to-read package.

For mid-sized and longer English web writing samples see the blog. Featured genres include food writing, tech writing, the business essay, the contemplative piece and humor writing.

For brief web commentary in English visit Osiatynska on Pinterest and peruse any category you find interesting. The captions are minimal—but they are original and carefully crafted each time just the same.

For food writing in Polish see these two recipes.

Osiatynska’s turnaround times are fast, particularly when it comes to short form writing. Fees vary according to project specifications and client requirements. Get in touch for a quote.