If you need a reason, pick one.


I am uncommonly organized and detail-oriented for a professional in a creative industry full of chaotic, rule-averse people. (Admittedly, they’re more fun than I am when it’s time to go out for drinks together.)

A way with words

I possess excellent English and Polish writing skills, applicable to diverse styles of writing. One of my specialties is translating “legalese” into easy-to-read language. I also have an uncanny ability to catch typos, which I acquired long ago in my copy-editing days back in college.

Linguistic ability

I am in the unique position to apply the science of linguistics to brand naming and strategic writing. I’m also a rapid language learner, able to incorporate aspects of pretty much any foreign grammar or vocabulary into the analytical or creative process.

A different view

Thanks to a non-traditional upbringing and lifestyle, I’m often the one providing the outsider’s perspective. Established teams gain new ideas by putting me in the room. And loyal insiders never have to worry about me making moves to replace them.


I’m especially attentive to contradictions, so I always seek out those interesting tensions that make for great insights into brands, people, and categories.


I’m fascinated by the ergonomics of everyday habits and objects. I analyze and seek to improve everything from yogurt containers and rules for punctuation to bicycling laws and Facebook. I always look for the “because” and the “easier.”


I am serious, fiery, and relentless, which makes me a convincing advocate for a good idea.


I go the extra mile. When it comes to naming, for example, I have years of practice in verifying the legal viability of potential brand names, as well as their domain availability and SEO potential. I can also advise on domain selection, purchasing, hosting, and transfer. Many namers can generate lists of clever names, but few can do what I do when it comes to the pragmatic side of name selection and making the most of the available screening tools.


In my work for Ferment and Magazyn Wino, I’ve often heard that other food writers are habitually late turning in their work—and that most of their articles need editing before they are ready for publication. I’m told I stand apart as the prompt one with the polished, print-ready writing.