Dogodniej—Making Life Easier for You and Your Family

 Name by Natalia Osiatynska, logo by Marta Morawska, 2014.

Name by Natalia Osiatynska, logo by Marta Morawska, 2014.

Better suited. More comfortable. Easier.

No English word or phrase manages to convey the nuance of the Polish dogodniej, possibly because no English near-equivalent contains as effortless a reference to dignity. Such is the meaning of the non-deliberate godnie hidden in plain sight, and such is perhaps the unspoken benefit of employing honest design thinking to improve one’s everyday life.

Dogodniej is the culmination of a collaboration between designer Marta Morawska and a group of urban parents, which was hosted by Warsaw’s “ę” Creative Association in early 2014. Part of Morawska’s Prace Domowe creative series, the project applied the socially-driven approach of participatory design to the demands of home life in the contemporary family. The newly launched website comprises the group’s need-based innovations in organization, ergonomics and safety, presenting uncommon solutions to common problems and a platform for more to come.


Want to learn more and meet the Dogodniej team? Come to the inaugural event at Delikatesy Esencja on Sunday March 16 at 5pm. Kids, dogs and open minds are all welcome.