Do I Like People? A Quiz


  1. When traveling alone on a train, do I prefer (a) to have someone to sit with, for company, or (b) empty seats all around, so that no one will disturb me?

  2. Do I prefer (a) dogs or (b) cats? or (b) doglike cats? or (b) catlike dogs?

  3. In friendships, do I seek (b) identification or (a) discovery?

  4. When the phone rings, do I (a) spring to pick it up with excitement or (b) recoil just a little and hesitate before I answer?

  5. Do I prefer to look at (a) my own pictures of others or (b) other people’s pictures of me?

  6. Do I more often find myself (a) able to remember people who don’t remember me or (b) unable to remember people who do remember me?

  7. Do I prefer (a) to visit other people or (b) for people to visit me?

  8. Do I sometimes go for days without contacting anybody? (a) No. (b) Yes.


The answers are irrelevant. The very fact that you took the time to take this quiz means that you are highly self-involved and generally uninterested in other people. Regular people do not wonder whether they like others (including even you); it is obvious to them that they do. Right now they are probably tallying up their answers to the “What kind of helper are you?” quiz, available elsewhere.

Note: This “quiz” was published in the literary magazine Y Sin Embargo in 2008.