Double Disappearance

As the day progresses, the sun traces a path from one horizon to another. It must appear to advance, this we know, but it seems fixed, solid: a lamp in the sky. We move, the clouds move, but the sun seems to stand still through the moments. Shadows don’t shrink and grow in real time.

Not so at sunset. In its last scene of the day’s performance, the sun reveals its true pace. You blink, it moves, you turn, it’s gone. Curtain.

These four photos were taken over the course of just under four minutes on Saturday, April 12, 2014. Two minutes and thirty-seven seconds passed between the first photo and the second. The third, visited by a bird, was taken a mere thirty-two seconds later. Then, forty-four seconds after the third photo, the last one was shot, catching that sliver of sun an instant before its vanishing.